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Why List With US?

Choosing your real estate professional is perhaps, the most important 
decision you will make when selling a property. 

The more you look around the more,we think you will see why it
makes sense to list with us;

  • We don't sit back and wait for buyers to come to us. 

  • We list your property in the places people are lookinq!

  • We Aggressively Market Your Property through Mega Listing 

  • Sites and Social Media!

All brokers (agents) are able to post your property In the MLS which
is a good start, but is only one piece of the pie.

The internet allows potential buyers to look in many places.We not only put your listing in the MLS, but we also push our listings to the KEY popular real estate mega sites that have shown good results for driving traffic and Interest to our listings and our site.We harness the power of the major Mega Listing sites such as; 

  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • YouTube
  • Google Videos
  • Google Maps

Home Selling Tips:  

Find an Agent that knows your area and can give your bome a fair market comparison; if the Agent knows the area, or has sold a property there recently, there is a better chance they will have your evaluation sooner & in most cases, much more accurately!  

Talk to a Stager if you are unsure of what should stay and what should GO; many times they offer FREE consultations; home owners fail to realize, Staging pays for itself; the return on a staged home is an average 3% more on the sale & often result in a home selling sooner.  

Communicate with your Agent, hold Open Houses and be available at all times; you never know when you maybe getting an offer, keep your phones ON! 

Talk to a Lender if you are planning on purchasing a new home; ask them what you will need to do in order to expidite your financing process.  

Be REALISTIC about the value of your home; the market is changing constantly, remember you may not be able to get exactly what you wanted; but you'll walk away with a SALE! & above all, trust your agent!  

Start LOOKING NOW! The sooner you find a home you love, the more determined & motivated you will be to sell sell sell the old one!  

Pack it up! ALL unnessesary items need to GO! Keep them in a storage unit; garages sell homes too, no need to clutter that up as well; All areas of your home should feel open & airy, allowing buyers the ability to SEE the home. 

Don't forget about the exterior of your home; if you are thinking about changing anything, look outside; it is the first thing a potential buyer will see. Flowers and fresh coat of paint on the deck can make a world of difference. Spending $200.00 on some paint & flowers could be the difference between selling your home or NOT selling your home.

ALWAYS leave your home during Open houses & showings; you don't want uncomfortable buyers in 'someone elses home', let them use their imagination, don't be there to point out what YOU love, you are selling the property and it won't matter what YOU love anymore! Just let them look alone!

PETS & BAD HABITS are hard to hide, but when you have a home on the market, you NEVER want either of them around, especially during a showing or Open House; take your animals to a temporary home until your home is sold or during showings; potential buyers do NOT want to see or smell your habits & definitely NO SMOKING! Light candles and keep your home 'fresh'; dirty laundry or greasy food smells are NOT going to keep buyers lingering; think clean! 

Selling Check List- Download One Now! Detailed list of areas in your home that you never knew needed attention prior to a sale! Sometimes the smallest changes can leave the biggest impression.
The bottom line is that we post your listings to most popular websites on the PLANET!
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Home Seller
Home Seller 
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When selling your home, there may be areas you have overlooked that need attention. If you ignore these problems, it can cost you a sale. Sometimes it's a small issue such as too much clutter, while other times it can be a room needs to be repainted Talk to your agent after filling out this Sellers Checklist and ask if they have a good staging or contractor referral.