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Kellie Hammer

Kellie loves to help people. She educates, guides and walks her clients through the real estate process beginning to end. Customers need guidance and education – that’s where Kellie comes in.

As a real estate agent at Better Properties Summit, she oversees all her clients wants, needs and desires. For Kellie, helping people is the most rewarding part of being in real estate.


Kellie brings over 17 years of experience to her role, including experience working in retail customer service, volunteering in schools and network marketing. As a result of this background, her approach is very hands on and brings a high level of self expectation to her job. Kellie’s professional values can be summed up as follows: Compassionate, Honest and Integrity

She believes that Real Estate requires communication and determination. She aspires to live up to this notion by guiding, educating, and preparing her clients.


Outside of the office, Kellie enjoys travel, tennis, helping save animals and enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

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